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Inspiration March 10, 2010

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So I got a flyer in the mail with this really cool bedding advertised. I dreamt about if for weeks. I kept it and hung it on the wall, but we just could not afford this pretty stuff. I went to the store and looked at it, and indeed it was as cute in real life, as it was in the flyer. Then I spotted a set of sheets in the same base color, and my mind began to work. I thought, “I can replicate this, I think!” So when I got a gift card for my birthday, I went for it!! I bought the sheets, some pillows and one of the pillows from the flyer to use as my ‘guide’, (which I returned afterwards for a refund) And voila!!! I changed the idea a little, but I think that I like it this way. I may change my mind later, but for now I am not going to paint the comforter. My bedding is exactly the same color as the one in the first flyer picture, not sure why it does not show up that way in the photo?!

The flyer picture. So springy and fresh looking.

My version.

Better ‘color’ in this pic.

All finished in the nick of time! November 27, 2009

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Well, The advent calendar is finished and I am so excited to get it filled up with special poems, treats, activities and Bible verses. I am going to do a mixture of things, a conglomerate of ideas that I have gleaned from other people. Joshua said, “It looks beautiful Mama!” He does not quite know the purpose yet!!


Advent Calendar: The next phase November 16, 2009

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The squares are completed, now on the next step: attaching them to the tree!


Latest Project:: Advent Calendar November 15, 2009

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Okay, I realize as I logged on that it has been a year since I last posted here!! Just passed Joshua’s 5th birthday!! YIKES!

Oh well, here is my latest project that I thought would be fun to share. A Christmas tree advent calendar.

This is the idea, which came from Pottery Barn.

Close up. And following are my finished ‘pockets’.


Thomas the Train cake November 1, 2008

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Here is the Thomas the Train cake that I made this morning for Joshua’s 4th birthday!! So cute!


My Cute LIttle Fall Tutu Idea September 28, 2008

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I came up with the idea of embellishing the tie-dyed pumpkin shirt idea for a little girl. My friend Amy, has a six month old, Audrey, who will look just darling in this little Fall tutu!! Cannot wait to send it to her!

A few bows, buttons, rick-rack and a little fabric ruffle, and VOILA!!


Cool Birthday Cake September 27, 2008

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So I just thought I would share a pic of this fun birthday cake that I made yesterday, for a friends’ birthday. It came out so cool! I was really pleased.


VOTE FOR ME!!! July 24, 2008

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So I have entered some photos in the CAPTURE ARKANSAS contest. The Arkansas Democrat Gazette is looking for the best photos of Arkansas to be put in a full-color, hard-bound, coffee-table book. My friend Pat, suggested I submit some of our photos. So I have, and you can go and vote for the ones you like!! Just click on the link to the right that shows a little photo montage, or you can click here:
Here are some of the pics I have entered:


The Past Week’s Projects July 22, 2008

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Well, this weekend one of my best girlfriends came out to spend the weekend. My boys went off to spend a night away and went hiking. Ginger and I spent the first evening chatting into the wee hours of the night and plotting what projects we would work on the next morning. On Saturday, my sweet friend was awakened to the sound of the rushing attic fan, as I tried to pull in the last drafts of cool morning air before shutting the house up tight so that the air conditioner could keep us in comfort as we crafted! We had some coffee and some granola and then off to the fabric shop where we spent a couple of hours pondering colors and patterns. We had decided to make a cute ruffly apron. Well, we ended up with some great aprons. Here are my two aprons. They are gifts for some special people in my life!

Also, before Ginger’s arrival, I just HAD to recover our scuzzy little loveseat that we inherited with our house. It is quite comfortable, but was so 70’s!! So I took a day and recovered the loveseat and it came out pretty cool!


Furry Helper June 22, 2008

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So how many of you have one of these cute, furry helpers in your life? This is Starbucks our sweet kitty whom we brought home from Albania. We found her there on the street as a teeny tiny little kitten. Well she is quite well traveled but would much rather find a soft pile of anything and sleep the day away. As you can see here, I have ever so rudely disturbed this life goal of hers!!

Here is Starbucks on my fabric tub.

Here she is when we first got her in Albania. She immediately began purring in my arms AFTER the big chase ended and we caught her!!!